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Everquest EQ2 Krono

$17.99 $1.00

Out of stock

Everquest EQ2 Krono

$17.99 $1.00

Out of stock

We beat there prices. This is from the Everquest 2 Website. Get your Krono’s Today!!!!!!!!!!

This is a virtual currency that can be used on any Everquest / Everquest 2 Server.

When used, this magical Krono adds 30 days membership time to the account of the consuming character. This Krono can be used only once.

Adds 30 days of game time to the account of the consuming character
Fully tradable and salable
No expiration date
!!!!For EQ1 Orders – Only Parceled!!!!

Terms and Conditions: No Refund , No Chargebacks on Credit Cards, No Chargeback on PayPal.Payment will be thru Paypal

PLEASE ADD : Character Name , Server and Time with City or State/Country you reside within the Paypal Notes! Upon meeting we will provide you with a email to gift the amount due.

Currency US Dollars
Krono Price
1 Krono
2 Krono
5 Krono
$84.99 Most
10 Krono
25 Krono


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